Why elect Brian Kemp as Georgia’s governor? That’s a tough question.

Brian Kemp exposed your Social Security number and other personal information to the risk of identity theft and fraud. Kemp “accidentally” sent the personal data of six million Georgians to people outside the government. After the AJC reported the privacy breach, Kemp offered to provide Georgians with “free” credit monitoring, but the credit-monitoring service actually cost Georgia taxpayers well over a million dollars.

After an independent investigation revealed that Georgia's elections are vulnerable to hacking, Brian Kemp ignored the problem.

Brian Kemp’s failure to secure Georgians' personal data and to ensure the integrity of Georgia's elections has generated several lawsuits. But what about Kemp’s duty as secretary of state to oversee professional licensing?

Kemp failed Georgians again. Although Georgia’s nursing board recently earned praise for its efficiency, Kemp removed the head of the nursing board and chose for the position the director of the cosmetology board, which oversees manicurists. Kemp’s decision drew bipartisan criticism, including from a Republican state senator who questioned Kemp’s judgment and called Kemp’s decision “shameful.”

Brian Kemp campaigns on “a record of fighting and winning for Georgia.” But Kemp’s record as secretary of state shows a long-time politician incapable of managing the state’s elections and professional licensing. Is the accident-prone Kemp qualified to lead Georgia as governor? That’s an easy question.

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